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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Making of a Ray Gun by Cyrus Vance

Creating your own gun is actually easier than it looks.  You can start simple with just paint.  Or, you can work your way up to something more extravagant by adding embellishments.  In this picture you see a painted gun after it has been dry brushed with metallic paint.

Monday, October 25, 2010

B. O. S. S.

I wanted to introduce you to Cyrus Vance.  Cyrus is also new to Steampunk, but he is not messing around.  Hence, the title--B.O.S.S. {Brothers of Serious Steam}.  Cyrus has only been at it for a few weeks, but he has already created ray guns and goggles!  Can't wait to see his entire costume.  Here's a sneak peek of one of his creations. 

SP necklace by Bella Gunne

Pris and I wanted to share pictures of the necklaces we bought while at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  This is the picture of my necklace.  These are handmade.  So each one is a little bit different.  You can get your own at Brazin Lady

Monday, October 18, 2010

Steaming at the Renaissance Faire by Bella Gunne

This past weekend, Prissy, Cyrus and I were lucky to attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg, Ohio.  While, we were in Renaissance fashions this weekend, we were amazed at how many people were in Steampunk style.  Here are some pics from the weekend.

Mike Branem from Griffin Works Leather.  Everything Mike is wearing {except the hat and boots} came from Griffin Works!  Check them out here

Here's JoAnn selling cool refreshments on a very warm weekend.  Love her goggles!

And a few more Steamers....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lapel Pin

I have been tinkering with gadgets trying to make a lapel pin in steampunk style.  I have learned that with Fusion spray can paint anything! 

I started with 2 lapel pins purchased at Goodwill.
Then, I spray painted both of them.

Using E6000 I glued the guts of a watch to a gear.  Then, I attached it to one of the leaf pins.

Here is the completed pin on my jacket.

Note the gears I also glued to the buttons! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ohayocon 2011

Mark your calendar.  The 2011 Ohayocon is January 28-30 in Columbus, Ohio.  This year's theme is Steampunk.  If you pre-register by September 30th, the price is only $40 for your conference badge. 
Go to Ohayocon and check it out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Decorating My Top Hat

Hi!  Bella here.  I just completed 4 different top hat embellishments.  To begin, I glued a piece of ribbon to the back of each flower, leaving it open in the middle to insert a hair clip (alligator style).  I used this method so the decorations could be removed and interchanged.  Then, I used craft glue and hot glue to attach the feathers and lace.  I also used snaps on the ribbon band so that it could be removed and changed.  

This is the back side of another completed top hat decoration.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Decorating a Purse Steampunk Style by Valeria Valentine

Everyone knows how important it is to accessorize properly.  Well, I took a purse that I purchased at Goodwill and added a few simple embellishments to give it the more exposed, mechanical or industrial look.  It's very easy !  Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creating a Ray Gun posted by Bella Gunne

After several days of internet searches, we realized just how expensive Steampunk can be.  So, Pris and Cyrus (her B.O.S.S. partner) decided to show us that there is a cheaper way to create a ray gun.  The base is a $1 toy gun that shoots ping pong balls.  It was spray painted with silver Fusion paint.  The rear cap was removed and the ring around the barrel was also removed.  Those 2 pieces were painted with copper hammered spray paint.  A battery-powered flickering tea light was inserted in the barrel.  Then, held in place with the ring and rear cap.  The mouthpiece from a brass candle holder that looked like a bugle was glued to the cap to make the new firing barrel.  I have discovered that E6000 works great!  I still have a target sight to attach and maybe a few other things.  But, you get the idea!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steampunk Newbies

Hello!  Priscilla Sinnot and Bella Gunne here.  We decided to create this blog in order to share our steam adventures, creations, memories and laughs. 

Our mutual passion for costumes, history and syfy led us down this track.  We hope you enjoy our posts as much as we will enjoy creating them.  Steam on.....