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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Steam Expo Wrist Bracer

This started as a pair of PeeWee soccer shin guards.  They have been taped with blue painters tape and primed with Krylon Fusion spray paint.  Here's a hint from Cyrus.....leave the painters tape on until after you have finished dry brushing, so as not to get paint on the outer edges.

The painter's tape is still around the edge.  Bella might have a few finishing touches to add. 

Here's a shopping list of items for this project.
PeeWee shin guard
blue painter's tape
Krylon Fusion flat black spray paint
mini doorknob--by Tim Holtz - scrapbook item
key hole "bead" from Michaels
rosette from Home's the thing you put on a glass mirror
feather clip from JoAnns
E-6000 adhesive  (Michaels or JoAnns)

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