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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blonde Swan Hosts First Miss World Steam Pageant

The Blonde Swan proudly presents the Miss World Steam Pageant 2012! 

Prissy Sinnot would like to encourage the "Sweethearts of Steam" followers to register by April 24. Unfortunately unnamed sources have confirmed Ms. Sinnot has politely declined to appear as a contestant.

While Bella Gunne continues to promote the pageant, she remains unavailable for comment. It is rumored Ms. Gunne believes the high profile event could "expose" her... jeopardizing her ongoing efforts as an under cover agent.

The Sweethearts of Steam would like to encourage all women, 18 and older, to participate!  There are great prizes available! 

Here are pictures of a couple items purchased at the Blonde Swan.  A leather top hat and two sets of feathers that Bella refers to as Fire and Ice. 

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