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Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Characters

Before we start posting pictures of us in our costumes at Ohayocon, I wanted to give you a detail or two about who we are.

Priscilla Sinnot is an adventuress extraordinaire!  Prissy has left her studies to seek fortune and fame.  Currently, the only success she has experienced is finding trouble.  Mayhem is her best friend.  Prissy dreams of being the Captain of her own airship...the B. Wilde II.

Cyrus Vance, leader of B.O.S.S, is a procurement specialist and inventor!   He is always active trying to stay one step ahead of the law!  Cyrus works hard at not having to work.  He is a great friend....unless he owes you money.

Bella Gunne (that's me) is a Secret Agent!  She travels the world, undercover of course, and dons many disguises and costumes in her search for villains.  Bella will go to great lengths in order to catch the bad guy!  You may have been introduced to one of her many undercover aliases.  Maybe you've met Valeria Valentine, Beatrix Bustworthy or LaVerna LeStrange...just to name a few.

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